Let's say all dino's cost $1 a quart............

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Dec 10, 2005
Let's say that if all dino's cost $1 a quart, which one would you use? Would more of us use Castrol or Pennzoil. Or stick with our Chevron/Havoline, Citgo, or other dinos that are always at a better price? Just curious to see some reactions.

I would probably try Castrol GTX or Pennzoil a little more.
Whichever one was cheapest.
Ohhhhhhhhh, but seriously folks. I'm here all week.
I used GTX for 20 years or so then Valvoline for a few years and both did what the were supposed to do. But I would likely use Rotella T nowadays. It's hard to find a bad oil as long as it'a changed when it shoud be.
Checker runs coupon deals for Chevron Supreme, the price is .89 cents a quart. Plus if you want to waste a stamp for the rebate you get .40 cents a quart back in the mail. So the cheapest would be Chevron.

If all dino's were a dollar I would use castrol gtx, except for my Ford I would use semi-syn MC 5w20.
If they were all the same price, I would buy all those you listed except Citgo -- put a quart of each in my crankcase at oil change time -- slap on any filter but Fram or a store brand name -- then sleep very well knowing my vehicle is going to be well protected.
If everything was a buck (so over priced...
) I would go with Pennzoil.

I have had quite a few engines that have been apart and they have been spotless when running Pennzoil.

The motors run well, get great MPG and UOAs come back excellent.

Second choice would be Castrol GTX.

Third choice would be Halovine, Chevron, QS.

Take care, Bill
All dino's being a buck, I'd lean toward Chevron Delo 10-30 because I like the Iso-Syn technology. Second choice would be the proven Havoline, then Pennsoundthez oil.
I would go for the one with best additive package. Looking for goodies such as Boron, Moly. Chevron/Havoline would be in the running. If it was easier to come by I also would like to get some Delo 10/30.
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