LeMans 24 hours

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It's on in stints. I programmed our recorder to pick up the 24 hours whenever it comes on. You are probably at the end of the first stint. The next update is at 4:30.
just as the Speed coverage switched to online there was a massive shunt. looks like the Pascarello Peugeot 908 possibly, B. Treleur sp?) is the driver i think. safety car is out and they have the medical cars on scene. usually not a good sign when they have tarps blocking the view of the car and they are cutting the roof off. hope for the best.
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Excellent race, Peugeot deserved that win. I liked the way they took the 63 Vette back in to the garage and cleaned it off before it crossed the checkered flags.
The pits, car, and uniforms say Total. Would not surprise me, French car, French team, French oil.

I also noticed some of the lessor Peugeots had Motul stickers everywhere.
Yeah it's most likely Total. They make very good oil.

The Ferrari was most likely running a specialized racing oil made by Q/Shell. One of their PAO/Ester based oils.
Cleaning the Vette was the lamest racing moment i have ever seen...if a car runs flat out for 24 Hours it ought to look like it...Cheesy move.
saw the last hour of it this morning. very impressive. i also saw some of the NASCAR this afternoon. What a contrast. It really shows how NASCAR is in the stone age.
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