Left over 2 stroke oil /gas mix disposal

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Jul 25, 2005
New York
I have a question and have not been able to find anything in search (probably not using the right terms), is it ok to dispose of a gallon of gas that has been used for my lawn equipment by dumping it into my car? The gas has the 2 stroke oil mixed in with it. I have heard that it would not be a problem but wanted to make sure. My plan was to dump the 1 gallon of mixed gas with 15 gallons of regualr gas already in the tank. Thanks in advance for any advice
Been there, have done that, and the only thing that I noticed in my '95 Ford F-150 inline 6 engine was that the valve train suddenly was very VERY quiet. Gas mileage STILL sucked at 12-13 mpg, but overall it ran a little smoother. I also didn't fry any sensors or emissions parts. And yes, she still is running fine to this day, with no new parts, and just an oil change every 3-4 months or so, as she doesn't see many miles due to the wonderfully price gouging gasoline prices these days...
I used to do that every year with my outboard oil at the end of the fishing season. Never a problem with the car. I wish I could say the same with my outboards. Now I just use a canoe. It's great. The paddle always starts on the first pull.
Do it with a full tank. 3 or 4 oz of oil in 15-25 gallons of gas is nothing to worry about. I do this all the time with my old CIS VWs, which are less sensitive to oil in gas. (Rumor is these old VWs can run on beer wiz! [Wink] )
I usually use the left over 2-stroke mix in my 4 strokes (yard equipment) at the end of the season.
I dump the unused snowblower 2 stroke oil in the cars. They run better while it's in there. I was being cheap, not looking for HP, and have no agenda. They really run a little better.
I'm fortunate to have a 2 stroke snowblower, weedwhacker and leaf blower. The mixes are all either 32:1 or 40:1, so I use 40:1 in all of them and don't have to worry about disposing of leftover gas. I do dump the 4 stroke gas in the car at the end of the year, though.
I just dump it into vehicle with largest tank; first my '71 Chrysler, nowadays the '01 RAM. I just fill up on top of it and never worry about it. Never have noticed any difference in running or mpg.
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