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Aug 23, 2002
New Jersey, USA
What is a good afordable PAO synthetic oil that I will able to use for 6K miles OCI's? I just completed my second auto-rx rinse and now I am ready to go back to synthetic. Have been using Amsoil 10w30 but too expensive at $6.00 per quart. Thanks.
I think the cheapest PAO is Mobile 1. You might want to think about spending the money on a bypass filter and using that Amsoil alot longer - were you changing it at 6k? With a bypass filter it could easily go 10-15k.
Mobil 1 in a 5 qt jug at Wal-Mart. I don't think they're PAO's as posted here, but the Wally-World SuperTech Syn and the NAPA Synthetic (probably Valvoline) that I saw for $3.49 should be okay for 6k OCI.
Strange thing last time I was at Wal-mart, the individual quarts of M1 were priced $3.39 a quart! I'm guessing because that's what the local Target store is selling it for. It's less expensive than buying the 5 quart jug. The Truck and SUV 5-40 was $4.77 a quart, though. But a fleet store is selling that for $4.59 a quart, so soon WM will probably follow suit on that price as well. Good prices on a PAO, and no additional club fee or shipping charges.
If it's got to be PAO and your dumping it at 6K, then I guess Mobil 1 is the only choice.

Seems like that logic kinda limits you though.
You can get Schaeffer 7000 Synthetic for $3.50/quart plus shipping. I usually buy mine by the case.

It is an excellent oil that has performed VERY well in both vehicles I drive. I keep my OCI's a bit conservative because both vehicles are under warranty (one manufacturer's WR, the other extended WR). Also, I don't mind paying a bit more for "insurance" and, at 5K intervals, it is easy to remember when to do the changes...

After the warranties are expired, I might install bypass filters and extend the drains to 10K, assuming UOA's support that then.

7000 isn't a full synthetic, but rather a blend. Mind you, it is a VERY good blend. As good as,if not better than, some of the full synthetics available, but still a blend.
Havoline synthetic is/was $2.99 a qt if you can find it,have not seen it since the auto parts club closed down.
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