leak detector added - change oil?

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Aug 22, 2004
San Antonio, Texas
My auto mechanic added some "leak detector" to the engine oil on my 70 Lincoln Mark III (460). I'm using Chevron Delo 15w-40 with a WIX filter. Should I change the oil this weekend? If so, filter also? Never used the stuff before... smile Thanks guys!
I assume he added it to find the location of a leak. Better contact him so he can use his black light first. If you are concerned about it hurting your engine - don't worry.
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Nope it is perfectly fine to leave the oil in for its full run with a UV dye meant to be used in oil.
I would let the dye run it's course first....i.e.: he obviously put the dye in for a reason....let him find the area of the leak, before you go "patching it back up" by taking the dye out of the system smile Otherwise the dye is pointless.... But yea, the dye shouldn't "hurt" your oil at all....
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