Leaf vs Tesla 3

I am starting to see a few more Tesla's on the road here. Did not know that Nissan still made the Leaf, one lady at work has an old one but I never see others on the road. Did they stop making them for a while?
The Model 3 is an amazing car. There is nothing else like it. One thing he brought up was AP. While AP is amazing, the car is so much fun to drive, AP is a novelty to me. This echoes his comments. The Leaf, at least the early ones, really suffered from low range. Run AC, lights, etc and your range sucks. And battery degradation was severe. Go drive a Model 3. Maybe a Y?
Nissan still makes the Leaf. You can buy the car with 2 or 3 different size batteries. The Nissan Leaf still has battery degradation as far as I know. The new Leaf with the larger battery gets north of 200 miles per charge so they can have good range. However the battery is still passively cooled and not water cooled like most ev batteries. It is possible to make a Leaf battery last a long time but it requires a lot of attention and care on the owner's part. The batteries in the Teslas, Bolts, and Konas and all of those cars will last a very long time with little thought and effort on the owner's part. I am not saying the Leaf is a horrible car... I would consider one if the price was right and the battery's soh was high enough. I have experience with those kinds of batteries as my electric car has a passively cooled battery.