LE 8800 Up Date.

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May 5, 2003
plano Tx
Well the Geo has 873 miles on the LE8800 cant tell of any real changes yet, gas milage seems to be about the same but that car always got good MPG. The Ram only has 187 miles on its oil so cant say anything there. The oil is still red, red in both vech. Also I sent a qt of the oil back in ot LE along with the lab report from Blackstone and asked them to test this batch. Have them check the TBN again and the insolubales see what they have to say. Also I did not know that Blackstone works with Amsoil.?.? Keep ya posted.
I'll trust / value the GM system when they actually "measure" a value associated with the oil! It's a friggin' algorithm that never actually measures any physical property of the oil! How about the following: continuous viscosity measurements contamination levels? fuel dirt soot water then we'd have somthing useful.
Not open for further replies.