Last time to be PO'd in 2017? shut off valve...

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Oct 17, 2014
SW Ontario Canada
Had to replace a cracked fuel line in my 1999 Yard King Snowblower with 10HP Tecumseh Snow King. No big deal, remove flywheel shroud, remove plastic tank, etc. Decided to install a 90 degree fuel shut off valve, got one for $4.50 at Home Depot before Christmas original Yard King never had one from 1999. Got it all set up, fill up the tank with fresh premium (no ethanol) and start up the engine. Leaks gas from the new shut off valve mad . Doesn't leak when put in OFF position, leaks when ON. mad Are these black plastic with red turn lever things all junk? I can order from Amazon in groups of 3pc or 5pc, which suggests that a fair number are going to be defective from get go? The defective POS will be returned to HD, but the annoyance of doing the right thing (installing the shut off) is like the expression: "No good deed goes unpunished"
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My late 80s MTD has a shut off valve from the factory, never leaks, maybe find an MTD one? Tecumseh engine on mine too.
You just got a bad one. Most work fine. Genuine Honda ones are expensive, but also the most trouble-free
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You just got a bad one. Most work fine. Genuine Honda ones are expensive, but also the most trouble-free
This. I made the mistake of buying a whole bag of cheap ones on ebay since I often put them on customer machines. BIG mistake. I think out of the whole bag of 15 only about 3 of them didn't leak. Always pay more for the premium ones if you can, sometimes a dollar or two can make a difference. I've used many cheap ones with no issue, but when you do have a problem it is a big mess.
Have similar Arnold one in my riding lawnmower for several years with no issues. Probably a bad one.
I bought a new B+S valve for the Toro. If I forget to use it the tank will be empty when I go to use it. They are all plastic , but don't leak.
I'm all for the shut-offs you can locate inline in an accessible location. Some of the newer snow engines, with the fuel s/o that threads into the tank are more of a PITA. Takes a bit more to get at them.
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