Laptop Diagnostic Software??

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Mar 21, 2006
Las Vegas NV
Was wondering what are the good packages and if they are worth getting. I'm trying to see what my 02' Liberty's engine/transmission is doing specificaly, but also would like it to be universal for other cars and be CAN compatible. I've seen the Auto Tap on the net and it looks interesting. The $200 price is about right, but according to their Chrysler Parameter Page, don't show gear/shift point/converter lockup that I would like to have. That is unless I'm missing something. Any information or any other products that you guys have used/recommend would be most appreciated. P.S. I a noob at this so easy to use/good technical info would be a big plus. And I already have a laptop.
I can't remember the name of it, but my son has software (that was on my last notebook) that also allows him to set a ot of "dealer-only settings". Turns out that on a lot of cars many of the expensive options (heated stearing wheel, seats, etc.) are actually installed on the car, and when you pay the $1000, the dealer connects the computer and turns them on.
Well VW/Audi has Vag-com written by this is comparable to what the dealers use. It does CAN interfacing but I doubt if it's compatible with Chrysler/MB products. You could e-mail him though as he is a very knowledgeable guy, he could help you find what your looking for. Also windman is right, alot of features can be activated in VW/Audi cars through software coding and I imagine it is similar with other cars. It's a cheaper alternative. It works well. I bought mine through a group buy a number of years ago.
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