Kumho ecsta mx or asx?

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Nov 12, 2003
Plano Texas
Hey Ive been having trouble finding nice 315's for an affordable price so Im thinking about using 285's instead. Now I have 2 options in my mind for now, the MX and the ASX. The MX supposedly has extremely good grip which I want but a short tire life and as my daily driver might end up being not so good. However I dont know anything about the traction of the ASX while I dont expect it to be nearly as good as the MX It does have a great treadlife and is a tad cheaper, now if anyone has used them and can give some insight about thier traction I would appreciate it. Basically given the situation which would you go with? BTW Im in texas so no snow or ice adn not a ton of rain.
I have the ASX, and while they are decent, they make some compromises as an all season tire. The sidewalls are a bit "squishy", and straight-line traction is only marginally better than my old dry rotted General XP2000Z4s. The MX will work better, but treadlife will be likely be less. I am happy with my choice, as I have a 90 mile roundtrip commute. Treadlife is more important to me than ultimate grip. I have only gone 2k miles with the ASX, so it is too early for me to comment on life. EDIT: Oh, BTW... they seem to do VERY well in wet weather (compared to others I have used on this car). BTW... car is a '95 Mustang GT.
Thanks for the opinions man. I dont drive much, I have driven 18k miles in the 2 years and 1 or 2 months since I have had it and most of that was in the first year. Ill wait for some more opinions and see what some others have to say... BTW its a 94 Firebird Formula.
For a "leisure" car like this that you drive so little, I would get the MX. With that little milage per year it would still last years I imagine. If the car will be daily driven though, get the ASX instead.
Well its both, its daily driven but work is 5 miles away and I dont drive anywhere else too often since its been irritating me lately and been stressful to drive. But once I get open longtubes capped up with an exhaust I will probably drive it a little more, been open for a year [Eek!] but still probably only 10k a year or so, dunno Ill do some more searching but if anyone ahs an opinion I would enjoy to hear it [Smile]
I have the ASX on my Jetta and I'm pretty happy with them. In the twisties, these tires will surprise you--while not a Max performance tire, it surely holds its own. Noise is controlled and not loud. Treadwear I'm not sure since I've had them for only about 1,500 miles. As far as ride, I think they are a little stiff, but this is the first time for VR rated tires on this car (VR tend to be stiffer than HR which I had previous). Wet traction is very good. Price is awesome. I'd give these tires 8/10.
Tirerack.com Have them drop shipped to a local Installer: Sumitomo HTR-Z 315/35R17 $156 They are not bad tires. A little hard on the compound for ultimate traction. Better on tire wear. 40,000 mi. Kumho MX 285/40R17 $135 Cheaper Tire. Much faster wearing. Very Sticky. 20,000 mi. Goodyear GS-D3 285/40R17 $209 The Best. 30,000 mi. Your mileage may vary! You have driven a F-Body with tires this wide in torrential rains before? It is a experience even with good rubber. Just my opinion.. That and a Buck will buy you a cup of coffee. Gene [ November 01, 2004, 02:12 PM: Message edited by: Gene K ]
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