Kuhmo Touring A/S 795

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Dec 2, 2002
Washington St.
You can talk to a tire engineer at Kumho and get some real info, not marketing hype. He will urge you to buy the Kumho tires, but he'll give you real answers to your questions. Wade through the telephone menus to the technical operator 1-800-HI-KUMHO Ken
Does anybody have Kuhmo Touring A/S 795's on their car? How do you like them? I need a set of 195/65/15's for my car. Might go up one size to 195/65/15 if y'all don't think it would adversely affect my mpg. The 795's have a high UTQG rating: 560 I plan on ordering them from TireRack.com. Thanks - Brad
I have Kumho As 795 in 195/70-14...and they are OK for cheap tires. But not fantastic tires, they're only decent value 4 season tires that don't drive badly. A few more dollars might get a much better tire.
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