Kuhmo 795 a/s

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Oct 27, 2005
Ordered me a set from thetirerack.com and these tires are worth way more than $36 a piece, I have about 500 miles on mine now. These are very quiet nice handling tires. And a 70k warranty. So if anyone is looking for a good tire cheap there ya go.
I bought a set of 4 a few years back for my accord. They now have about 50,000 miles and almost to the point where abe lincolns head shows.

Ive been impressed with them for $36 easy cush ride.If your an average driver and dont need a Performance tire these will do great.

Btw, they will never make the 80,000 even with rotations.Would I buy them again sure would.
But I got some goodyears on clearance at walmart marked $78 to $45 so I could not pass it up.
I've been recommending them to people for over a year, and am going to put them on my wife's 03 Subaru Forester in April when the snow tires come off. From what I read you can't beat them when you factor in price, traction on all types of surfaces, longevity, ride, and noise.
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