Kudo's to SF and PHIL. Shipping accident.

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Mar 16, 2005
Guys the UPS guy dropped off my Gallon of tranny oil from SF. I noticed the box had oil seeping through. I asked the UPS guy to wait as I opened it. The Box had no damage to it. What I found was the lid had split abou 2/3 around it. . It was taped but still leaked. I emailed SF and they got back with me in the matter of an hour or so. They was very understanding and said not a problem. I measured the amount lost. 5 1/8 from the top of the jug. They said they would send me 2 quarts more for my loss. A very good business and company to deal with. No hassels and up front with there product. **** why can't they all be like that. Thanks SF & Phil. Oiler.
We have some really good products and companies supporting this site and SPF is one of them ! [Cheers!]
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