Krytox--- Look at Leslie's Pool Lube

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Jan 16, 2008
SW, Missouri
Recently saw a post(s) about Leslie's pool lube had 'Florounated Dupont' additives. Had a tube out in the shed for the pool from a few years ago. Got it out and , yes it said this. Tried some of it on the weatherstripping and such on a my Mustang and WOW, impressive. Now, I don't know exactly how much Krytox stuff is in this product, but I was always impressed with the water proof power of this same pool lube. Now if you look at Leslie's web site, the new stuff says it just is Silicone based, not Dupont additives. Went to the Local Leslie's pool store and they had some NOS stuff out for just 6.95 a tube, bought 2. Is this a like product for the much addored Krytox? Did I make a coup on Krytox? Looking for input........
Not sure, but it seems like you atleast may have a product fortified with Krytox. But it's probably like syn-blend oils where it's not a lot. But it would still make that lube a good value. I was very lucky to get a 1/2 gallon of Krytox (new and sealed bottle!!) for free a few years ago. Still nursing that stuff!
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