Kragen upping prices of Chevron & Shell dinos

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May 25, 2005
I noticed yesterday that Kragen no longer advertises the Chevron and Shell dino oils for 49cents/qrt after rebate. They upped them both to 99cents/qrt after rebate. I asked one of the employees behind the counter and they said it just went into affect in Nov. Now their cheapest oils after rebate are Quaker State and Mobil Clean 5000 at 89cents/qrt after rebate. [Frown] Anybody still finding Chevron and Shell dinos at 49cents/qrt after rebate in their area?
Still at .49 here in So Cal [Happy] Chevron Motor Oil Coupon Price Per Qt . 89¢ Coupon Price Per 12 Qt. Case 10.68 Mail-In Rebate Per 12 Qt. Case -4.80 Price Per 12 Qt. Case After Mail-In Rebate 5.88 Price Per Qt. w/Case Purch. After Mail-In Rebate That's Only 49¢ See Store For Details. Limit 1 Case At Coupon Price.
The "regular" prices of their oils are higher, however, when it comes to CSK automotive (checkers,schucks,kragen inc.) you can ALWAYS find coupons, just look at tenderloin's last 50 or so posts in the sale and rebate section of this website.
They are up to 0.99 in Norcal also. I will wait it out, if it is not because of Katrina they would still be selling for 0.49 Since I have another case left at home, it will last me 4 months. If they are at 0.99, I would rather spend a little more and get Havoline.
Local paper and website both lack the Chevron coupon in my area for two weeks now. A shame. I'd been looking forward to trying the Supreme at $0.49. Maybe it'll come back. - Glenn
Sounds like the rebate is gone. The sale has always been $.89 or $.99 with a $4.80 mail in rebate.
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