Komho Solus KH16 vs Michelin MXV4 plus?

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Jan 7, 2003
New Jersey
My 2005 Hyundai Elantra GLS's OEM tire is the Michelin MXV4 plus. I have 20,000 miles on this vehicle and the tires are wearing perfectly even all around with 6000 mile rotations done. Howver, they are quite slippy in the rain and I never liked how they ride and handle. So after some research on tire rack, im planning to purchase the Komho Solus KH16. Will this tire proof to be an improvement in wet traction and ride quality??
I have the exact situation: our 2003 Elantra also has the oem MXV4+ (now has 50k miles on them !!), and we're still thinking about the dealer's $310.00 offer to replace them with the Kumho KH16's....according to all Elantra owners at ElantraClub.com, the Kumho KH16 made a huge improvement in every aspect, compared with the mxv4+. also check this thread: Elantra tire thread
Its interesting how a Korean car company goes with a French tire makers tires. However the owners of a Korean car want Korean tires! I believe that Michelin MXV4 plus tires are choosen OEM since they have low rolling resistance so good mileage is delivered for EPA rating and they are relatively quiet in test drives. Their compromise is poorer wet traction.
I'm debating Kumho Solus KH16 vs Yokohama Avid TRZ for my Montana SV6. I haven't been able to find anything negative about either.
I bought my wife the KH-16's for her 2003 Accord EX Sedan. (205/60/16) She likes them a lot better than the OEM Michelin's. They are very quiet, but they don't have near the grip as my Kumho SPT's. But they shouldn't as my SPT's are 225/40/18's and they are a UHP tire, where as the KH-16's are a touring tire. We only have about 7,000 miles on the KH-16's, but so far so good, from what I can tell, we will be buying them again! Darryl [Cheers!] P.S. As for wet traction, my wife has told me that they feel great in the rain. I haven't driven them in the rain myself.
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