Koehler 5w50 synthetic industry ratings?

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Jun 5, 2013
Colorado, USA
Picked up some Kohler 5W50 full synthetic on a superb sale at AutoZone this past summer. I’ve read of other folks finding the same deal and stocking up. I cannot find official industry ratings for the oil such as JASO MA, etc. It simply says (paraphrasing) it is suitable/meets requirements for use in ATVs and other similar vehicles. I don’t see an analysis (VOA or UOA), wondering if anyone has anything they could share that they haven’t posted or offer any ideas on the additive package in this oil. As well, is this the same oil (with different packaging) offered by some of the ATV companies, thus would have an analysis possibly under another name? Thanks in advance!
What a rare oil grade... Only Castrol Edge, Mobil 1, and Motorcraft offer it for sale in common locations. (not including Bel-Ray, Klotz, etc, etc) Probably the same exact stuff in the Motorcraft bottle (Citgo? or who?)
Amsoil brought out a 5w-50 for the Mustang a few years back. A very stout oil. 5W-50 (AMR): API SN, SM…; Ford WSS-M2C931-C (Mustang*) Amsoil 5w-50 Amsoil Sig Series includes 5w-50
My bad, Kolpin... feel like an idiot... anyway... Mods: can someone please edit the thread title? Here are pics of the bottle. Thanks for the responses. Bottom: Front and back:
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A division of Polaris Industries? I have a bottle of Polaris synthetic oil somewhere... need to see who makes it
I’m most interested in the ad-pack, so if it is the same stuff as the PS4/plus, then that would answer my question! Thanks!
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