Know how this guy feels?

A tired businessman with a rumpled suit and 5 o'clock shadow is sitting quitely in a bar sipping a whiskey sour...looking down into his drink. Seeing an easy prospect, a lady of the night sidles up to him and says "Hey, Mister, looks like you could use a good time". The businessman keeps looking down, sips his drink. Assuming he must not have heard her, she says again "Hey, honey, I'll do anything you want for $300". The businessman keeps looking down, looking up briefly to order another drink. By now the young lady is getting pretty frustrated and a little offended by his lack of interest. She half sits on his lap pulls his face up by the chin and practically yells into his face "Hey! did you hear me - I said I'd do ANYthing for $300". He finally clears his throat and lets out a raspy "anything?" She smiles and nods in approval, gathering her purse like they were going somewhere when... He slaps 3 crisp hundreds on the bar and says "Paint my house!".