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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
Hi, My grandparents want to get my fiancee and I an engagement gift... She has a really nice stainless flatware set (we will be getting sterling but not from them), and dishes (we will also be getting china, butnot from them). Im thinking that knives last forever, you use them everyday, and a good set will be a great gift... So, what do you think?? Zwilling J.A. Henckels or Wusthof? Thanks! JMH
Of the two you mention I prefer the Wusthof they are made of one piece steel not two like most other knives over six inches in length. They are also balanced better IMO. Also stay away from wood handles.
Those warther knives look interesting. Global would be my choice but the cost! I look at warther knives and how hard the metal is 58 - 60 Rockwell C.
I like the Warther knives. For years, the only place you could purchase them was at the museum/factory. They just recently decided to make them available mail order. The workmanship and quality is outstanding. My family has been using them for 25 years.
Another vote for Global. I love them, and their unique appearance is a real conversation-starter if you have guests over. I use mine often (saily) and only sharpen them perhaps once per year. They remain razor-sharp for a long time.
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