Kmart, great deals!!

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Dec 10, 2002
I picked up a penske air filter (CA6362) for 0.70 cents!! The identical fram filter is $11 or so. To give you an idea, I bought a KN air filter that was 34 dollars.
I don't need a filter but since it was so low I couldn't resist. It's like getting a filter for free. They had quite a few penske air filters for sale some for $2-3.

Also, they had quite a few mobil 1 oil filters for $1. yes, $1. couldn't believe it. they didn't have any size for my car or anyone's car that I knew. Plenty of penske oil filters for $2, good price but same as supertech price. some castrol max pro left as well.
I have a Castrol and Penske left from a K-Mart sale...seem pretty well designed and constructed to me.
I also found a couple of good deals at Kmart. I bought two aïr fïlters for my beater '82 VW Rabbït for $3.00 each. It wasn't quïte the savïngs that you got but ït sure beat the competïtors prïce of $12.00

It ïs sad to see the Penske brand gone. Now all that they have ïs Fram,,,, whïch means I'm back to shoppïng at NAPA and CarQuest for many of my fïlters.
where are there any CarQuest(s) in GA? Im in atlanta and ive never seen one! Seen some Bumper-Bumper's and MAIN Auto Parts stores but thats about it. Mostly Advance, Autozone (my favourite), Pep Boys (junk IMHO), and the two above.
There's a carquest here in Newnan. There used to be a Bumper-to-Bumper but it closed. If you need something from them here is their phone number:
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