Kirkland 0W-20 at local Costco

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$22.00 for Kirkland is a deal when SuperTech is $14.95? Same stuff...
Walmart sells two 5-quart jugs of SuperTech for $14.95?
My Wal-Mart is LAME, $15 for 1 5qt bottle.
I think he was asking if there were two 5 quart jugs at Walmart for $14.95...mine area shows one 5 quart jug for for $14.88...that means that Costco is by far a better deal right now, right?... wink Bill
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The Kirkland Brand has high standards for any of their products. I picked up a box of 5-30 on their sale(still going on). $11 for 5 its of full syn oil that has the highest approvals. How can you beat that.
By getting a hot dog for $1.50
Plus a soda!! Coffee2