kill the road noise!

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Sep 23, 2006
my honda pilot is perfect in every way except road noise! drives me nuts on highways...javascript:void(0)

i've tried changing the oem's to michelins with no difference.

any thoughts on the quietest suv tires out there?javascript:void(0)
The Goodyear Silent Armor Wranglers are noticeably quieter than the Michelin LTX A/S that came with the truck, are severe snow rated, have a 50k wear warranty, and noticeably better traction in the rain. Goodyear Wranglers aren't well rated, but these new ones are getting good reviews.
its not exactly a truck... you dont need truck/suv tires.

Get some comfortable minivan tires and be done with it.

Da Man,

Have you considered Dynamat?

I have owned 3 Hondas (all cars) and part of their characters was a fair amount of road noise.

Consider Dynamat. Their website claims an 18 dB reduction in noise on an Element with $440 worth of material.

Granted, you still have to put it in (or have it installed) but I think this is worth considering.

Good Luck.
I have a 2005 pilot lx. I recently bought bridgestone dueler alenza tires for my pilot and I really like them. I have about 12,000 miles on them. My pilot originally had bridgestone 684 as oem. The alenza tires are a big improvement over the 684 in ride and especially handling and cornering. I recommend them, I also hear the goodyear fortera is a good tire per consumer reports.
i like the minivan tire idea. sorry, not ready to spend 440 greenbacks on an suv with 188k on the odo.

u think if i don't offroad much that it would b a quieter choice compared with alenza or fortura?
so long as the weight ratings are correct, which Im sure they would be if you cross-referenced them with say, honda odyssey tires.


Have you considered Dynamat?

What he said!

A quiet tire helps a lot, but I just finished a big sound deadening job on my Maxima, and it did wonders for the tire noise on that car. Now that I'm looking for something else to '05 Pilot with the same darn tire noise you describe is next.
Dynamat or similar sound-deadening material will help. I've also heard of people using some spray-on stuff inside the wheel wells with good effect - don't know how long it lasts.

Do you have a roof rack that you're not using? Removing it will help cut back on wind noise, provided you have a 'fill in' kit like the one my car came with.

I don't know what tire size you have but, in the 235/70/16 size, the quietest ones according to Tire Rack are:

Continental CrossContact LX (8.9, on a 1-10 scale for "noise comfort)$93.00

Goodyear Fortera SilentArmor (9.1)$121.00

On a tighter budget, the Kumho Road Venture HT score a 8.6 for noise, and go for $75.00, and are very well reviewed.

Finally, the Avon Ranger TSE goes for $85, and are too new to have a score, but so far have earned a 'Consumer's Digest Best Buy' and a couple of people have commented on how quiet they are. Made by Cooper.

Or you could just buy a louder stereo.
I've always thought that Honda made some of the best cars (I've owned two...loved them both) but they just can't seem to bring themselves to install enough sound deadener in their vehicles...even the more expensive ones. I installed a cheaper version of dynamat covered with 1/4" high density foam in the floor, trunk and door panels of my 2001 Civic. It was a lot of work and took several days but the car was as quiet as a limo when it was done. I was amazed how little factory sound deadener was in the car. Knowing how much people appreciate quiet vehicles and the advances made in lightweight sound deadening materials I'm a little surprised that Honda doesn't do a little better in this regard.
In my experience the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza is a pretty quiet tire for a SUV. However the Goodyears that came on the Pilot have a pretty good rep for noise. I have to womder if it isnt a vehicle issue instead of a tire issue.
I have a 97 Monte Carlo that does not have much sound deadening in it. Love the rest of the car, but road roar could get on your nerves after a while on some rough stretches of interstate.
I carefully undercoated the whole underbody myself, making sure not to spray anything that should not be undercoated. Did this twice.
I took out the front inner fender liners and sprayed a lot undercoat on them, and took some one foot square felt pads I got at the local hobby lobby place and placed them on the wet undercoat to make them stick. I then sprayed them with 3 more coats. Gloves are a necessity.
I then got some house carpet padding and glued it on the trunk floor and sides, under the rear seat, and around the inside portion of the rear wheel wells.
I got some Dynamt super and did the inside of the doors.
My next tire purchase was Goodyear Comfortred. Wow. Much less noisy than my old Michelin X-ones. I now regret buying them. The Goodyears are hard to keep balanced. If I had to buy more tires now, I would get Michelin Harmonys. Got them on mom's car, switched them for a day with my Comfortreds and the Harmonys are only slightly noisier, but much smoother on new asphalt. You would not believe how much time I spent researching tires.
I do hear a little more engine noise now and will likely get some of the heat resistant kind of Dynamat for the fire wall. I have not taken out the seats and done the floor, but I might with some cheap stuff. Still researching that one.
The car is now so quiet that friends who normally don't notice stuff like that now notice and comment. It is more relaxing to drive and I don't have to turn up the radio so much. I can hear the music better. I probably reduced the noice by 2/3.
A Lexus owner rode with me on the interstate and he remarked how it was funny that my 10 year old Chevy was more quiet than his 2 year old Lexus. I just said Yep...
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