Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi.

New Zealand
Possibly not something seen often in the USA....the petrol version is not often seen here. 98,000km, I'm doing a cam cover gasket, but have only cleaned the gasket surface. I don't know it's previous history, but it gets Mobil Delvac MX 15-40 here. Buttoned up. These engines are a bit of a problem - the injector seals leak, pushing carbon up into the cyl head, then into the sump blocking the pickup, the turbo is then the first thing to die. That's what happened to the first one I did - a brand new turbo, dropped the sump to clean the pickup, and new injector seals. Now I've done half a dozen, although only done one other pickup, the rest is preventive maintenance seeing as we know the problem. You have to remove the wiper motor and raise the scuttle panel to get the last injector out, almost doubles the time just for that. I'm in the middle of this too, a leaking injector pump on a Prado with a 2LT engine. I'm working in the doorway because we have a couple of split tractors taking up room, and a mower in the other bay (not the little Cox I was servicing) and a post rammer we are building in the back. Also had a 2008 Hi Ace in with a diesel leak today too....just a pipe on the rail.