Kia Sedona owners?

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
Any Sedona owners here? My dad is getting a 2002 Sedona tomorrow. 51000 miles and just off a 4 year lease. I don't know jack about Kia's, so I was hoping someone could tell me the strong and weak points of a '02 Sedona. Fuel mileage is only rated at 15 city, 20 highway? Are they reliable? So on so forth..
He's likely getting a decent minivan for a very low price. I know about the new one but very little about the old one, other than the fact that they do not hold their value.

That, and they are quite heavy.
55 - sorry I don't have the specifics, but there was a post on here last year about major troubles with automatics on the earlier Sedonas. That would include 2002. And there is a Kia Sedona board somewhere associated with, I think.

My 2004 has been fine, except for the belt-idler (tensioner?) that wasn't lubed correctly at factory. Replaced under warranty. The 2004 3.5L Hyundai engine does not idle smoothly regardless. It does run smoothly and has power.

Second buyers get the 60K warranty, and lose the 100K powertrain warranty that the original buyer gets.

Gov't mileage estimates on mine - 16/22.
Actual MPG - 16.7 / 22.4.

Amazingly close, I think.
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