Kia 1.6L engine overhaul after <200k miles on Mobil1 5W50.

Jan 4, 2016
Found this video interesting as it shows the engine running before/after overhaul, as well as how M1 5W50 did in long term usage in colder climates, and with somewhat extended OCI. Engine disassembly starts at 3:40 mark. Thankfully seeing the engine condition doesn't require understanding Russian language. Enjoy!
(Bonus: at the end of the video, during the test drive, you can see the state of the roads there. Majority of roads are in that condition, unless we're talking about top 4-5 largest cities in all of Russia.)

2008 Kia CEED, 1 owner.
Owner decided to overhaul the engine due to high mileage. And it's cheaper than buying another new car in this market, global issue. His total bill was ~$2500.
-Hyundai Gamma 1.6L MPI (122hp/115 lbf⋅ft)
-Total mileage: 316k kms/197.5K mi
-OCI: 15k kms/9.3k mi
-Oils used: Mobil1 5W-50 since new and until 300k kms/187.5k mi. Then Mobil1 5W-40 for 1 OCI before the overhaul, due to availability at the time.

I had a 2012 Hyundai accent with the 1.6 GDI in I ran 5W20,5w30, and PUP 10w30 in the summer back when AutoZone clearanced all the Pennzoil ultra Platinum. I had like 80 quarts of it that I got for like $2 a quart
Interval is high and shows with cruddy engine. At least its not sludge like the typical US consumer "just a little late" and "empty sump" oil change crowd.

What wear?

Smart to overhaul a good high mileage perfectly well running engine versus waiting for something to break, like the chain/headgasket....

Definitely needs to use some PEA to clean those piston tops. Guess no toptier available ;-)
Seems like this guy knows what he is talking about. Did a good job with that engine. Agree the roads are rough. Bet they are worse in the Ukraine.
Agree the roads are rough. Bet they are worse in the Ukraine.
Yup, just like they have been for last 30+ years. At least according to my Ukranian friends. Almost as if in all parts of former USSR the roads stopped getting repaired in 1991, with exceptions being made for only the main cities of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.
These roads really aren't bad compared to the Canadian roads nerby (not all Canadian roads are equal). At least you can still see the line in the middle.