Kendall oil

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Have been using their GT-1 10/30 in my restored 70 Mach 1 for about 2K, but am going to upgrade to a 15/40...possibly Mobil Delvac 1300. Due to my higher oil temps the Kendall seems to be thinning out too much to me.
Pretty sure that Kendall falls under the Phillips / Conoco umbrella these days. No comment on the oil, I have no idea!
I used the GT-1 racing oil in years past. It seemed to do very well. I went to other brands when the Kendall became harder and harder to find in my area.

What sticks out in my mind, was that the oil color was green....
I think someone said before that Phillips owns them now. Yeah the GT1 used to be green but just in the last year or so they stopped putting green die in it to signify a new improved formula so it is golden brown like most other oils now. But if you look around for old stock I'm sure you can find some green stuff if thats what you like. My friend has a bunch of 70's cans of SAE70 Kendall from his old bike shop layin around.

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