Kendall GT-1 Dino

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
Recently received a free oil change with Kendall GT-1 dino. I've never even seen this oil on shelves around here. Is this oil only Valvoline-type quality? Could it be considered on par with the best dino's-- Chevron / Pennzoil? Thanks...
Kendall's been around forever -- they used to appeal to the sports car/muscle car crowd. Looking at the numbers, it's a middle-of-the-road oil, but an excellent choice if it's free! It's part of the Conoco/Phillips/Union 76/Kendall family, and the spec's for Kendall oils are quite similar to Union 76. Per the numbers, Pennzoil and Chevron would be a better choice, but the C/P/U/K line of oils are solid choices nonetheless. You can see their spec sheets here:
I have used Kendall for a very long time, it used to be regarded as a top quality oil, but recent changes in multi-weight formulation (no longer green in color, made from different location) leads me to suspect its become a garden variety Conoco/Phillips oil, UOA's on this site have not been stellar, although there are very few. The monograde is still green and still comes from Costa Mesa, Ca. and I suspect it is still a very good oil, I use SAE 40 for my jetboat, although I may be trying DELO or Pennz LL in a SAE 40 HDEO.
Thanks for the info. It seems to run about as good as any other dino I've used. Chevron and thicker M1 reduce the NVH level whereas the Kendall has no affect on it. Oh well, 3K's worth of decent free oil is good! [Smile]
Yep, free is good, I just don't think its worth the $1.99 qt. they want at my local store. I would put my money on the $1.09 qt Chevron Supreme as being as good or better if I had to make that bet.
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