Keeping Snow-Thrower Clean

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Sep 26, 2017
Under the Hood
When I get done using the snow-thrower, I always spend a couple minutes brushing the snow off. I found a good toilet-bowl brush that I can brush and jab at the packed snow. I'm always looking for some type of spray that would make this easier & quicker. Not necessarly for keeping the chute clean, but for all the other surfaces - so I can park the S-T in the garage and not have it dripping for days. A couple years ago, I sprayed it with a product made by Rust-o-leum. Today, the remaining film does nothing. I've also tried Windshield Deicer. That's to expensive to use all the time. This Winter I'm going to try Rain-X. Question: Anybody ever spray their snow-throwers with this stuff ? How'd it work ?
Spray silicone lubricant works for me. I spray the entire machine whenever it is dry.
Curious about Rain-X, since the snow is a powder and not liquid. I used to use Turtle Wax on mine. Apply heavy & leave it. Snow won't stick.
I try to clear the saltiest of areas first, like the plow mound at the end of the driveway, with the hopes that the rest of the "clean" snow will get rid of much of the corrosives. I do like to spray the inside of the auger/impeller housings and the discharge chute, axle bushings, etc. with silicone spray, etc. Problem is, if it's really cold out, you have to remember to keep the can of spray indoors as they'll loose their ability to 'propel' in the cold.
I either use silicone spray or Pam kitchen spray. Both work well for me and make it easy to clean off the surfaces.
If your chute keeps clogging up make a couple impeller seals out of an old mud flap or similar. The difference in wet snow really is amazing and you won’t be tempted to knock out that clog and put a few fingertips in the yonder snowbank cry. This really does more to solve the sticky plugging chute problem than anything and costs about nothing Here’s a great snowblower site with extremely helpful members. YouTube has some good tutorials , just search snowblowers seals there.
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