Keep or Sell my 2008 Crown Vic?

Nov 9, 2008
If my vehicle made people drive more safely and consciously, double win!

Why would I want to be more invisible on a public road? Just not distracting and if someone is distracted by what they think is a LEO vehicle, they're probably up to no good anyhow.
Fair enough. I prefer to glide through life unseen and unnoticed. [Go figure--my Camry is beige! ok it's actually gold, or light brown, or something that used to be, but it doesn't get any more non-descript than that.]

Personally I get annoyed when people see a cop and decide to drive 10 under. On the highway the police don't bother to look up at 10 over, so anything more than a brake tap is not warranted. I'd just as soon not be noticed by anyone while out on the road.