Kawasaki ZX11 Redline 10W-40 805 miles

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Feb 25, 2003
My first run of Redline in my bike. I beat on this oil pretty good; five 1/4 mile runs on a dyno, a couple of fun but very hooligan-like high speed runs on the highway, and some general abuse. Here is the oil with 805 miles, I'm also posting at the same time the same oil with 1610 miles on it. A couple of things worth noting. This is my first complete oil sample having done some minor maintenance tasks, including a brand new K&N air filter, Denso iridium spark plugs, new fuel filter.
Oil              Redline 10W-40
Miles on Oil     805
Time on oil      ~16 days

Iron             9
Chromium         0
Lead             0
Copper           16
Tin              7
Aluminum         16
Nickel           0
Silver           0
Silicon          11
Boron            36            
Sodium           11
Magnesium        57
Calcium          3097
Barium           0
Phosphorus       1106
Zinc             1454
Moly             694
Titanium         0
Vanadium         0
Potassium        0
Fuel             <1
Water            0
Coolant          NEG
[email protected]        12.55
TBN              8.34

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