Kawasaki fa210d new to me

Apr 7, 2019
Yesterday I just picked up a Kawasaki fa210d horizontal engine that seems to run really good but the throttle is stuck and wants to run at full speed. I can't seem to find the whole model number on this engine to know exactly which one this is. It was originally mounted to a pressure washer but the seller had let the pump freeze and discarded that long ago but kept this engine. I've been able to find some information online about it but not much, I found a video of one that appears to be the same, it has rubber feet mounted underneath and you just sit it on the ground and it just sits there and shakes while it runs, this one is the same but missing one of the feet which makes it kinda hard to test unless I can get it bolted down to something.

I've found that others really liked this engine for go karts and said they would buy them new if they were still being made that is.