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Feb 2, 2004
this is an extract of a K&N press release that is being used in the 4WD print press here in Australia. The full press release is here
Prior to departure, Mobil 1 engineers set us up with sample kits, and instructed us to mail oil samples back to Mobil 1 labs periodically. They also mentioned that the only thing likely to affect oil performance is high-silicate content from dust and contaminates. That prompted us to talk with ARB's Matt Frost (one of our sponsors) and a decision was made to fit an ARB raised air intake to our vehicles. But all of the dust encountered during the first three months of the expedition--especially in the aired planes of Patagonia--made it apparent that serious air filtration was needed. In Santiago, Chile we mailed oil samples to Mobil 1 labs and by the time we reached the end of the road in South America, the oil had changed to a darker color. We knew that something more than the snorkel was needed if the oil was going to make it. The decision to go with K&N came when we reached Australia and the locals told us about the bulldust along the Gun Barrel Highway, a 500-mile barren track--steeped with Aussie history--that stretches from east to west across Central Australia. The ground is made up of a bright-red dirt that the locals refer to as 'bulldust.' In no time at all, this fine, talc-like powder makes its way inside the vehicles and it gets absolutely everywhere." Fortunately the team installed the K&N Filters before running the Gun Barrel. "I heard about K&N so I sent a note asking for filters for our Land Rover Discoverys," said Baggarly. K&N arranged for four 33-2119 High Flow Air Filters to be sent by their distributor in New South Wales, Australia, Rocket Industries PTY, LTD. "They have been in our vehicles ever since--including the first all-land drive from Singapore to far Northeast Siberia. The World's Best Air Filter - K&N is truly the world's best.
Note that nowhere in the article are any Silicon numbers quoted, either prior to, or after K&N elements were fitted. You would think that if the Si levels had dropped after the K&N elements were fitted, they would be crowing from the roof tops, but absolutely no mention anywhere. All those words and it doesn't really say a thing. Cynic, moi ? [Big Grin]
Yeah, the way I read it, it sounds like they could have had no air cleaner, only a snorkel, and then made the brilliant decision to put on a K$N, which saved their whole 'vacation.' Seems they are also name-dropping and implying something by Mobil 1 testing the oil (but then conveniently not mentioning any results).
People here what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe. Facts? Don't need no stinking facts! I believe!! I have faith. I am one of the converted/saved/enlightened etc.etc. Heck I pour 6 oz. of MMO in my gas tank every fillup. Don't know why. Seems like a good idea. And MMO doesn't even advertise or if they do not anywhere where I can see it. REad a hotrod magazine. I mean page through it. Mostly bs hype page after page after page. Same as the newspapers TV radio internet. Every body's wanting to get their hands in your pocket. "A fool and his money are soon parted". K&N, Flowmaster, water wetters, etc. etc. are getting rich one sucker at a time and there's a new crop along every year. But this is the USA and we're free to blow our $$$ as we see fit except for the taxes part. bEats Zimbabwe for sure
Every body's wanting to get their hands in your pocket.
Most indulgences in such things is nature's way of saying that you make too much money.
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