just trying to shave a few bucks

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Oct 6, 2005
Buffalo, NY
anyone have joke to go with the punch line 'just trying to shave a few bucks'?

You know, like shave (save) a few bucks (dollars) vs. shave a few bucks (them deer wit that antlers)

I'm sorry Officer; I was just trying to shave a few bucks!

I hope this isn't too lame!
Could probably start off in a kebab shop, with a food inspector walking in and questioning the propriotor on his kebab meat having been reported in a few food poisoning cases.

Takes a sample for analysis.

Comes back a few days later with the results. It's venison, and rancid before it was put on the spit.

Proprietor admits it was deer road kill...and that he was trying to shave a buck.

Sorry, it's the best I could do.
All cool ideas!! Maybe the Gillete commerical is why I can't get this punch line out of my head, like when Jerry on Seinfeld wrote that line down while half asleep that everyone had different interpretations of and it turned out to be something like flaming balls of zebulun.
In Pennsylvania during deer season, a hunter is found in the woods with his Winchester rifle missing and throat slit.

The police undertake a major manhunt, and a suspcious looking New Jersey fellow is found in the woods carrying a Winchester and a straight razor. As the rifle is being traced for its true ownership, the police grill the suspect about the razor and why he was carrying it in the forest. He sticks to his story, that he was only trying to shave a few bucks.
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