Just switched to redline

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Jun 26, 2003
Columbus Ohio
I just switched to redline 5w30 from GC, in my truck, and I am impressed. It now acts just like it did with RP 5w30.
I could actually tell a power drop with GC.
I wonder if it is just from the heavier viscosity of GC, or if RP and RL just have alot more FM's?
I'd say it's the FM's. I noticed a difference with RL too. Don't forget, you should stick with this oil several times before losing hope with it.
I'm trying to do a deal with Ron in Melbourne and trade 16 litres of BP Visco 5000 5W40 and get sone Redline he has. Hope to run a 5W30/5W40 blend. Havn't been able to achieve anywhere near the economy we had running RL 5W30 in our Outback (500kms around town). With the cost of fuel the RL pays for itself it seems compared to any other oil.
What sort of fuel economy did you get with RL in the Outback Sprintman ? I haven't been able to get anything better than 11.5L/100km in city driving with Castrol 5w30.
Interesting stuff! I know I've flip flopped around trying to decide what oil to run next in my LT1 when GC disappears, but now that Redline can be bought up here for just over $10 a quart (when it's on sale at Canadian Tire) it is highly likely that Redline 5w30 would be the one.
I just switched to Redline myself, I went with the 5W40 in my 4.3L Chevy. The only thing Ive noticed so far is slightly higher oil pressure at operating temps. My previous oil was Delvac 1, any ideas why the pressure is higher with the Redline?
I'm thinking of switching to Redline as well. I have the Toyota 3.0 V-6 gell engine. (Non- gelled hopefully, because of this I would think the higher flash point and its cleaning ability should be a good fit for this engine that seems to run hot and shear oil. Just not sure what I should start off the OCI as 6,500-7,500?
Can't wait to see how this oil performs on the Toyota 3.0 V6. 10k, hmmm, probably another 6-8 months? I'm in the process of rx'ing my engine before I use the RL and sampling.

For summer time, would it be beneficial to use the RL 10w-30 you think?
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