Just scored some Green GC..........

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Sep 10, 2005
Cincinnati, Ohio
I hit six different AZ's today while running errands, and came up with 8-M04, 2-M03 and 3-M02 of the green.
That is one quart short of two full OC's. Maybe I will mix it with some M05 Gold, or is that sacrilegious ?? I did find plenty of M0512, some M0507, and a few M0502. I didn't want to open the M0502, but it did not look green through the level indicator.
Way to go! I've had the most success, 59 qts in 5 stores, at the AZ stores in let us say the more economically challenged areas. Folks that use those AZs aren't looking for $5 a quart oil especially that "Thin" 0wxx stuff.
You might want to try those next.
There were a couple of those stores in my quest today. They usually had the yellow label, made in USA vintage covered in dust!!
Yeah there was a good deal of dust on many my red labels as well. Only one AZ had any yellow label. It must have been beginners luck in my case. But hey, I'll take that.
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