Just received Bridgestone Blizzak REVO 1 Snow tires

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May 23, 2005
Just got my REVO 1's for my 05 Camry from Tire Rack.

It's a new tire and I'm curious if anyone has ordered them.

No customer reviews on Tire Rack but they did feature it in a Tire Rack comparison test. Due to past experience with Blizzak WS-50's, I am willing to try them.

If anyone is interested in this tire, bump this thread in February 06 and I'll let you know how I like them.
Hey! let us know how it is! the Tire rack told me it was good for ice, less good for snow, but still a good tire. Ill report on my Dunlop M3s when I get the chance.
It was sad to see the REVO 1 compared to Dunlop's Graspic DS-2 in the comparison test. They should have used the WinterSport M3.
I think the Graspic and WS M3 are in different tire categories. REVO1 and Graspic are in the same category (Studless Ice and Snow), whereas the M3 is in a "Performance Winter" category, so its direct competitor from the Bridgestone line would have been Blizzak LM-22/25. That latter category is more oriented towards better dry pavement winter performance often desired on more sporty cars. The former category is more of a heavy-duty winter performance with less emphasis on dry handling.
I bought these for my daughter's new Outback! [Revo 1's on Tire Rack's budget alloy wheels]

She's in Jackson Hole, WY so they should get a good workout. I expect these Revo 1's will be a good winter tire...maybe a bit weak in deep snow, but decent on ice and handle beeter than the WS50 Blizzaks.

I have Firestone Winterforce on our other 2005 Outback. The Winterforce handle waaaay better than the dreadful factory Bridgestone RE-92.

The new Outbacks have a loose feeling and as soon as I put the winter tires on the 90% of the bad handling went away!
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