Just ordered Jim Fitch's book

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Nov 29, 2002
I ordered it from Noria just tonight. Does everyone here like it?? I'm anxious to get it in and get some education on oil,,,,,,AR
i thought his name was james fitch. well the book is very insightful. it teaches u a lot of technical terms. i dont love the book or anything. but its a good read. but honestly it might not find the answer to your question. it gives u the data and then u figure our your answer. which i the way things should be thought. but it has some cool ways to test your oil. but those way refer back to these webpages sometimes. enjoy the read. repost questions on the post so we can have group discussions.
I bought the book about the time I discovered BITOG. I really like the book and read it several times. One thing nice about NORIA is they are product neutral as they don't sell anything and they avoid recommending specific products.
Thanks! I'll keep everyone informed when I get it in and if I have questions, which I'll probably will, I'll definetly get a group dicussion going, cool idea,,,,AR
Well, IMO, conventional thinking back in the day says that thicker might be better. Some people might have thought that a thicker oil will give there engines superior oil film protection and quiet things down.

Me personally, I have this small gut feeling that tells me thicker is better but looking at nowadays cars and trucks, this is not always the case excluding Industrial diesel engines. Just my .$02,,,,AR

Originally posted by Michael Wan:
I thought Mr. James believes in thicker is better!


I believe he does, within limits. IIRC the book states that today's 10w30s are closer to yesterday's 5w30s. He then recommends something a bit thicker, perhaps a high mileage oil.

Also, he has some series of questions to go through to determine whether you would do well to run a synthetic oil. Also similar re straight weight and multigrade. And there is a section where you can rate a number of factors to ballpark an OCI for a vehicle, although when I did that it seemed to come out much longer than I thought would be workable for me.

One of my favorite parts is the cover photo (hopefully they still have it) on the hard copy purchase showing dirty oil running down a hand that is unscrewing the plug from an oil pan.
I got the book in yesterday and started reading it today. Very cool stuff is all I can say.

TallPaul- I'm looking at the book now as we speak. Yes there is a picture of someones hand with dirty oil running down there hand and a oil filter down on the left hand bottom corner. Hmmm, looks like a blue filter. $1,000,000 says it's a ACDelco, any takers?? lol j/k

Michael Wan- I can see why you think that he thinks that thicker is better. I would have to agree and disagree. He says in the book that oils such as 10w30, 15w40, 15w50 etc... do provide the engine with a thicker oil film, thus allowing the engine to accomodate foriegn debris causing wear. He talks about 5w20 and 5w30 oils extensively and I am a believer now that 5w20's aren't just for mileage. The trade off here is you sacrifice working, heavy use capabilties etc... for mileage and cleaner tailpipe emissions. On page 16 under the article "Now that you've chosen a multi-grade - which one? I like how he talks about spread, VII's, choosing the right back number which is 1 thing I didn't know about. He also seems to be fond of ester based synthetics.

Something else too is he says I find interesting and if you think about it, also very true is the best oil for everyone is a customized oil and filter plan. Bottom line is, every car is different, every person is different thus making the oil and filter choice different.

All I can say is WOW! I am very impressed with his knowledge and I'll keep reading this book for sure,,,,AR
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