Just made a switch today

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Nov 30, 2002
At the local walmart, mobil 1 for 3.60 a quart... decided to switch to the 15w50

not sure why, I read the additive package is better, and my car slightly consumes the 10w30 (especially in summertime!)

any thoughts on this? Was it a good idea, I am possibly leary about it being 50 weight in the end...
That might be a bit heavy for Illinois during winter....fine for summer though.

I have read a lot of posts on high consumption with M1 xW-30 oils. These are formulated with an initial viscosity in the lower end of the 30wt range (9.7Cst for 5W-30 and 9.8 for 10W-30). That might partially explain it. I would suggest M1 0W-40 for winter and saving the 15-50 for warmer months.
thanks for the suggestions.. I just put the 15w50 in

i put 5.5 quarts in like recommended with filter change, and i was still a little low, I have nearly 6 quarts in the engine and it reads full... weird.

but, Maybe that super tech filter can hold a lot more oil than the old PF-58 that was on it!?
50 wt is just too thick and completely un-necessary (IMHO) I still say the better way to go is just to add a quart or 2(15W-50) to the 10W-30. Its kind of a compramise. I do that to my Toy Truck and my previous Ranger which liked to gulp oil. It cut oil cunsumption town to maybe half or so.

If it appears to be to thi8ck for you this winter, you can always do a very messy partial drain and add some 5W-30 or 0W-30 for better starts.

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