Just got back from Walmart

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Jan 1, 2004
Poquoson, VA.
I stocked up on Chevron Supreme! 5W-30. I understand that the difference between that and the Havoline is small. The back of the Havoline bottle said it is made of Group II base. The Chevron bottle did not say this, but I'm sure it is. Question: They have Motorcraft 5W-20 synthetic blend for $1.77!! Is that cheap or what! Says on the bottle it was specially formulated for FoMoCo. How do they make it so cheap? Even the SuperTech blend is $2.97. I thank you guys for the heads up on Chevron.

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Rob, I think $1.77 is a fair price, neither too high or too cheap.

Are you sure the Super Tech you saw wasn't their Group III syn and not a blend?? I think you saw that price.
I thought $1.77 was CHEAP! It's only 40 cent more than the Motorcraft dyno juice. Quite a deal in my book. And you are right, I was thinking wrong. The ST is $1.63 for the synthetic blend.
Supertech 10W-30 Synthetic is a group Iv oil according to Warren's LAB -- I spoke to one of their techs.
Group III/ Group IV, doesn't matter to me. How good is the rest of the package??

I'd like to see Wally's syn go head to head with M1 and others.
For the price you can change it twice as often...piece of mind. I'm not a big fan of long drain intervals, regardless of oil. Thats just too long for stuff to run through the engine.
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