Just found this board...what's so great about Chevron oil?

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Jun 5, 2003
McGregor TX
I've searched around and have really not found any postings with specifics as to why Chevron conventional oil is such a good oil. I'm not saying its not--not at all. Its just that I've never heard much about the oil before coming here. My father-in-law is a mechanic and has always sworn by Valvoline (and also likes Castrol). When I told him about people really liking Chevron oil he was curious why. Can someone fill me in? Thanks!
Used oil analysis It's one of the forums here - you can easily see that, no? But you'll need to read through the posts, search by keywords. Draw your own conclusions - I mean this for lots of new folks here: You learn a LOT more this way than just by having someone give you a snap answer. I mean if there are words, terms, etc you aren't familiar with, ask away. The quality of your answer truly is improved by taking a true understanding of why and how these oils performed this way, better or worse in any given situation. Clue: look for Chevron Delo or Supreme results, then look for, say, Castrol results. Look at the miles, cars, the driving conditions - learn about the condition of the oils and wear metals in the oils, and you will be enlightened.
The short answer: Chevron Supreme is cheap and shows good wear numbers. Ditto for the "new" Havoline (the stuff that says, "ChevronTexaco" on the back of the bottles), and Mobil Drive Clean, too. As far as i'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with Valvoline, either. (though I'm certain to hear about that from some of the polyurethane ground effects cladding/fart pipes crowd...) And, there's certainly nothing wrong with Castrol GTX. Since these are all conventional dinosaur juices, it probably wouldn't be wise to push any of 'em past 3,000 miles with 50/50 city/highway driving. [ June 06, 2003, 04:16 PM: Message edited by: Ray H ]
Chevron Supreme's specs are outstanding. This oil, along with Pennzoil Multigrade, has specs that separate them from their OTC peers. That, coupled with Chevron Supreme's very low price, makes it a stand-out oil. The UOA's seem to confirm that it's a very good conventional oil. [ June 06, 2003, 08:44 PM: Message edited by: Jay ]
Pablo has just sumarized what is universally true.: The real world is what counts. That's why we do UOA's.
the polyurethane ground effects cladding/fart pipes crowd...) Oh man, thats funny! [Big Grin] Pablo is correct, search the UOAs. Quick and dirty answer = very good UOA results/cheap price. [Patriot] [Cheers!]
Yep, I always knew that Chevron's base oil was very good but was even more impressed with the excellent Used Oil Analysis (UOA) reports on this site. I have yet to find a conventional oil that meets its track record here. Castrol GTX comes close but it's seemingly low detergency might leave some wear indicators in the engine after draining. I suspect that Pennzoil is just as good, if not better than Chevron (Pennzoil: Group II+ base oil with a potent additive package) but we simply don't have the results posted to back it up. [I dont know] --- Bror Jace
the polyurethane ground effects cladding/fart pipes crowd... [LOL!]
Just got back in the house after taking that stuff off my cars...just in case you really find out who I hang with.... [Embarrassed]
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