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Jun 12, 2005
North Texas
How many of you keep extra fluids in your rides? I carry 2 extra qrts of oil, 4 qrts of atf, gallon of anti-freeze and FP60.
I make do with a quart of Pennzoil in the car trunk. Likely I would do well to use up the old SL next oil change and stash an SM.
In town, I typically carry 1 qt of oil in each vehicle, and a gallon of antifreeze in the Toyota. Weekend trips I carry 3 qts of oil (never had to use any though)and a gallon of antifreeze in which ever vehicle is selected for the cruise.
I keep a quart of oil in each vehicle. But I only remember adding oil in my driveway, so it's probably a waste of effort.
I don't carry extra fluids. Why? Especially not oil but even heavy coolant. I guess it only means .0005 mpg (rounded up), but still.
2 extra qrts of oil, 4 qrts of atf, gallon of anti-freeze and FP60.
4 qts of ATF??? I can see the FP for fill ups, but I would just add mine at home before. How much FP do you lug around?
I carried a quart of oil for 20 years and used some maybe once. No more - waste of time and effort.
Quart of oil (needs another quart every tank and a half). Maybe windshield washer fluid if the roads are slushy for awhile.
Unless I know my car consumes fluids, I just don't see the point of carrying them around. Except for a code reader, my trunk is empty.
The only times I carry extra fluids are: - Washer fluid during a salty bizzard melt - 1qt of oil during new car/engine break-in...and only if I need to take a trip that requires more than one tank of fuel. - A long time ago I used to take a trunk full of bottled ethanol to Bloomington during Little 500, too. [Big Grin]
Thankfully none of our current vehicles leak or burn any fluids so we don't carry any. However, I did once drive a 1961 Chevy Impala that leaked so bad that I had to carry several 2 1/2 gallon cans of the finest SA 30 oil you could purchase in 1971 [Roll Eyes] . The engine finally seized on the way home from a most enjoyable night at the drive-in [Big Grin] . I had filled the oil up only 70 miles previously when I got gas [Eek!] . It had a very leaky side pan gasket that my father refused to let me fix [Frown] . Too bad because it really was a nice car. Whimsey
a few quarts of oil in my Explorer cause it leaks a little. Some antifreeze just in case. and Washer fluid. in my car, i just keep about half-a-quart of oil.
I've always carried a litre of oil (currently a quart...it's a redline bottle). I've rarely used it, and usually then on a relative's car. One car I carried 6 litres. I needed to. And washer fluid. And whatever fuel additive is running.
I don't have any vehicles that consume any oil/transmission fluid so I don't see any reason to. I used to know a guy who kept a couple cases of cheap dino in the back of his old Ford Ranger. He had a rear seal leak and would have to put in a quart or two a day depending on how much he drove (yes, that was a quart or two a day). It leaked like sieve.
My vehicles don't use any fluids (except wiper fluid), but I carry a little oil, 50/50 coolant mix, wiper fluid, FP60 and paper funnels, and ATF/gear oil all the time anyway. I also carry a tire gauge, a fire extinguisher, flares, refletive triangles, a headlamp, a blanket, two space blankets, duct tape, an emergency whistle, a first aid kit, a belt repair kit, a hose repair kit, drinking water and an Uno deck. In winter I also carry chains, a snow brush, an ice scraper, a collapsible snow shovel and a can of de-icer. Yes, I was a Boy Scout. [Smile]
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