Just bought a 2nd neon, deciding on oil.

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Aug 2, 2002
Pitcairn PA, USA
I just bought a second neon here, so that i can keep the other neon nicer and have it for a fun weekend car.

Anyhow, I want to switch the DOHC over from 10w30 M1 to something more sereous. Since it's not going to be a daily driver anymore I want something primarily with high RPM operation in mind. It's eventually going to have the engine rebuilt with the power peak around 7800rpm or so. Shift points just before the limiter at 8100. The rod ratio is gonna be changed slightly to side-load the pistons a bit less. With the Moroso oil pan it'll have a 7 quart capacity or so, so i can't see why i'd need a heavier oil or anything. It's only going to see maybe 6000 miles a year, so one filter change and one full oil change a year should be plenty i would think. I was considering Redline 0w30, that sound right?

As for the other "new" car, i was planning on running the rest of my M1 10w30 through it. It's a '95 SOHC with 84000 on it, it doesn't leak anywhere, so i'd just as soon assume it's fine for synthetic. It's going to see cold starts and etc, so i was thinking of holding off on the 10w30 until the summer time and get a 5quart of 5w30 in the meantime.

I really just wanted to ramble because i'm excited, but input would be appreciated!
If you live in Pennsylvania where it gets COLD for weeks at a time and plan to use one fill for a year, I'd use Red Line 5W-40. It'll be better at lower temps than any 10W and its HTHS rating of 4.6 is virtually unbeatable until you get to the n-50s. If you've already determined that it cranks OK-ly when cold with the 10W M1 and you're thinking that a 10W-40 will have less VI improvers in it, use RL 10W-40.
The 10W-30 is probably "serious" enough. It doesn't shear down-and has a pretty advanced additive package. The Mobil 0W-30 R1 Racing oil should be on the shelves now. Obviously there is Redline which to me doesn't seem to do any better than Mobil or Amsoil. There is the Amsoil S2000 which would be a good choice. There is Delvac 1 5W-40. Another possibility is to throw a Bottle of M1 15W-50 in with the 10W-30 Mobil 1, but I'm not sure that buys you anything.
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