Junkyard Find: 1990 Lexus LS400 OG


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Apr 19, 2016
Once in a while I would find a gem whenever I go diving in the junkyard. Found this donated 1990 Lexus LS400 "OG" that would still look perfect on the road.

Body still looks decent, aside from the corner dent.


The venerable 1UZ-FE. Looking into the engine bay further this car had a higher equipped package with air suspension and traction control.
It also has the original plates for the year of this car (Fxx ###) so it's possible it's a single owner car.


This was a garage kept car. For a 90's car the paint is still excellent.
The Lexus badge was pulled off the car but there is no hint of the LS400 lettering. What makes it an OG LS400 is that in the first few years it never had the lettering showing the model.


Typical Toyota bluish/greyish interior.


Toyota VIN placard




Owners Manual


Sill very low mileage for this car at 112,302mi but the expensive repairs and probably expensive and impossible to get parts probably did this car in.

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I saw a really nice running one go through the local IAAI auction last summer. Really wanted it but I had two turbo Volvo projects around the garage and no space.

That could be a PNW car, it's so clean. I see you are in HI. It's nice to have rot-free old cars to pick from!
You don't see many of them with salvageable parts anymore.

Someone needs to grab the fuel door/trunk switch panel and the hood release handle. These are known self-destruct parts. Someone already got the center AC registers; also known to self-destruct. The KV MAF is gone as well.
1990 cars are still very usable/drivable if done in a quality build. That one sure would be one since it copied my w126. Bummer it went out like that.