Jugs vs. Quart Bottles

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Oct 10, 2005
Attleboro, Massachusetts
It would appear that the unit price of almost all brands of motor oil is lower if you purchase a 5 quart jug vs. buying by the quart. That being said, I am still reticent to buy by the jug because I have a 4.5 quart capacity engine and would always have .5 quarts left over. Plus, it is easier to measure out the correct amount of oil using quart bottles (especially with that nifty "window" on the side.) I am openminded about grabbing some jugs (hey, knock off that snickering) if you "jugheads" could tell me how you handle measuring the right amount and dealing with the "little extra" left over.
I leave a little in the jug and dump it in half way thru the oci. The jugs are really handy for disposing of your used oil. I would never go back the the qt. bottles.
You could save a few empty quart bottles. Then put the left over half quart in it. After 2 oil changes you will have a whole quart.
Keep your old quart bottles for one more oil change. Use your funnel and pour off 16 oz in one of the empties. Pour the rest in the engine. When you have 4.5 quarts filled up with the "pour off", you have another oil change sitting in the bottles. Problem solved.
Thats BRILLIANT ; it didn't even occur to me that I could use the .5 quart leftovers for the "half-way topoff" AND then use the 5 quart jug to get rid of my old oil (I use the Fram Quick Drain, so that should be pretty easy). Pluto, you are my hero!!! I'm gonna grab some jugs !!!!
take one of the Jug caps and drill a 3/4 inch hole in it. Than take your Fram Sure Drain hose and slip it into the cap after screwing it back onto the jug. Now you just slide the whole jug under the car, pull the hose out just enough to attach to the oil pan drain plug and when it's done draining you just slid it back ito the jug and than pick it up with your 4.5qts of oil in it. I than take it to my 5gallon waste oil can and pour it in and than save my "Fram Sure Drain Oil Jug" for next time.
I would just pour the entire 5 quarts in and not worry about the crankcase being over by about 10%. Maybe I would even increase the OCI by 10%. But then I only have one car and no service area, so I need to keep things extremely simple.
Sounds like everyone here gets their oil at Wal*Mart. What other major auto-chain sells 5-quart jugs? All I ever see around here is 4-quart jugs.
whoa! whoa! so the only place we can buy jugs is at walmart??? man... I live so far away from one... I would of thought they sold jugs at like autozone, or pep boys.
5qt jugs can be a great deal at WM. Prices have gone up lately (no surprise). But they still have the cheapest deal around. I can't believe the high price of 4qt jugs at AZ. It's a complete rip off there. They want $12 for a 4qt jug of Castrol HM. No thanks.
I really like the jugs. The 6 quart Pennzoil ones are my favorite as it's what I need for the Chev v-8 truck and just drain the old oil into one using the sure Drain. Alot of my stash is in quarts since the rebates are for Case prices. Still bought alot of the jugs on closeout of SL.. Take care, Bill [Coffee]
I buy 5 qt jugs of WM Super tech 20 w 50. I decant 3/4 qt into a saved qt bottle and dump the rest into my BMW mit 4l sump. I save the qt for top off.
I prefer the 5qt. jugs even though my capacity is only 4.3qts. I usually remove 1qt from the jug (into an empty oil bottle which is used for top-up later on) and add the appropriate amount of VSOT. Shake it up...pour it in...and I'm good to go. [Burnout]
you could probably just add the whole 5 qts. Otherwise, before reinstalling the drainplug pour some of the new oil out of the jug (1/2 qt worth) into the engine and let drain out then reinstall drainplug and dump the rest of the jug into the engine. I always keep a qt bottle, or a spare jug, for catching all the leftover new oil. I drain the qt bottles and jugs all into one. That oil mix gets used in the truck as a top off or the lawnmower and other equipment I don't care too much about.
I don't buy anything but the 5-qt. jugs. They are cheaper than buying 5 separate quarts. You only have to open up and pour out of one container, not 5. And, at least on the Mobil 1 and Mobil 1 EP that I buy, you DO get a readable side window strip that shows you how much is left in the jug. Anything left in a jug after I do an oil change I leave in the jug to use in case I burn (and thus have to add) oil. Or, I pour it in first, before using a new jug, during the next oil change.
I remember having alot of vehicles around the place as a kid growing up. Dad used to buy this stuff called "Amalie" in 55 gal drums. There were always 2 or three sitting around in one of the garages or a shed somewhere. Used to pump out a jug full to fill up my motor cycle or car wihout even knowing what it was. My my, how times have changed...
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