John Deere GT242

West Michigan
Just bought a 1994 model year. It has the Kawasaki single cylinder air cooled engine. It also has a 48" deck and cuts very, very nice. The old Wheel Horse was getting pretty tired and decided it was time to upgrade. Cut the grass at my church this afternoon with it and was real pleased with how it performed. Took 3.5 hours and it sure has a lot more power than the old K181 in the Horse. I'm using Shell Rotella T-5 10/30 oil in it. I use this oil in the truck in my signature. The Shell is dual rated and carries the API SM classification for gas burners. Just started using it. I thought it would be nice to use a single oil in all my OPE, and the Dodge.


Buffalo, NY
Nice machine! My parents had a GT262 w/ 48" deck and snowthrower back in the early-mid 1990s. It was a 1992 model year IIRC. 17hp Kawi single with a 5spd fender shift gear drive. They bought it used from a private owner. That machine shortened mowing time considerably over the JD 110 they used for 25yrs prior. Back in those days, I ran automotive 10w30 in the 262s engine, and ran the Fram equivalent oil filter most of the time, with black JD filters mixed in. That was a powerful and super smooth machine. Not as heavy built as the 110 for sure, but a nicer machine to use.
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