John Deere +50 15w-40, 2005 Yamaha Raptor 660

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Jul 11, 2006
South Eastern MN
Here it is.

HR on oil - 15
HR on unit - 35
Aluminum 11/13
Chromium 1/2
Iron 15/35
Copper 17/6
Lead 1/7
Molybdenium 78/7
Potassium 2/0
Boron 108/103
Silicon 28/11
Sodium 3/4
Calcium 3039/885
Magnesium 51/1222
Phosphorus 1147/957
Zinc 1316/1150

SUS Visc @ 210 deg. F 59.0/70-81
Flashpoint in deg. F 300/>390
Fuel % 4.5/ Insolubles .3/
TBN 11.7

All Values not shown are zero.

Ok, how's it look.
looks like you should change the air filter more often!
looks like you have a LOT of fuel in the oil as well!
i would change the oil a lot sooner than 15hrs
Ok, I'll change at five for the next few, and then send another sample in. I really do need to recharge my airfilter more often, it runs on a farm, so the hard part is trying to find the down time to do it, but that will change shortly. How's that sound?
Actually it's both a work machine, and a play toy. It is used mainly for crop touring and transportation between farms. We also have an 05 Honda Rubicon, but no one likes to drive it because the way you sit, and because how top heavy it is. I admit, when I drive it I beat it, but it's usually short runs here and there. It also gets very hot just idling around in first gear with no wind on days like these.
Not open for further replies.