Jiffy Lube Question

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May 27, 2002
A Friend is visiting from the Wash DC area and told me when he took his 97 subaru into Jiffy Lube the other day they told him his oil was dirty and he needed to have it flushed. That they have a machine for flushing and for only $105 they could flush it. I've heard of these for transmissions and radiators, but engines? Can anyone explain how this can get the nooks and crannys and disolve the stuff that is there? He was going to tell them he had used only Jiffy Lube since the car was new and changed every 3,000 miles, but decided he did not know enough to discuss it. What gives?
$105? Yikes! [Eek!] Sounds to me like they've got some fancy machine that pumps $2 worth of chemicals (most likely harsh solvents!) into the engine, makes a lot of noise so it sounds like it's doing a good job, and then the customer thinks he's getting a good service done. Smells like a huge scam to me. [ March 12, 2003, 04:26 PM: Message edited by: Patman ]
That's too bad. They're usually very helpful replacing their 3000 mile air filters and topping off the blinker fluid. I've heard a rumor they'll soon offer replacement muffler bearings. Most people don't even realize those should be changed at least yearly for optimum sunroof operation.  - David
[LOL!] That's some funny **** !! Despite the extreme rust of that muffler, the bearings sure held up well. What oil were you using? [Wink] In regards to the initial question, I have to express my extreme suspicion of such a procedure. Not because engines don't get dirty or can't benefit from cleaning, but because of the following reasons: 1) it seems to be astronomically overpriced, even if it cleaned your engine perfectly, 2) Since there is no "before" or "after" measure, or even visual inspection, how do you know you got any benefit? A few oil changes with a high quality, high detergent synthetic with high quality filters, and maybe a can of engine cleaner you can do yourself for like 6 bucks, but no way I'd pay $105.
Yes I'll check my muffler brg. also. [Smile] But seriously in my humble opinion-I think going to Jiffy Lube or Pepboys takes a huge leap of faith. When I get to the point of not being able to crawl under the car-I will need to find a reputable garage. I have one now but the guy that runs it is almost as old as me [Big Grin]
That's why I'd never use Jiffy Lube. Take a look at that picture again--he's putting the bearing in backwards! Sheesh. This is not rocket science, you know.
When I first bought my 97 F150 with the 4.2V6 a friend suggested I try Jiffy Lube.I always change my oil but he convinced me they were a top notch shop.Well,I went there and of course was watching them like a hawk.First of all the guy below was trying to install the wrong filter.I stopped him from doing that and asked WTF... are you doing?He said,Your 4.6V8 calls for this filter.In a very nice way I told him it was a 4.2V6. He looked at the service order and it was typed 4.6V8. Anyway,after they finally bungled thru the oil change I went to pay and the cashier gave me my service ticket and appologized for the typing error and said my 5.4V8 should be ok now.I looked at the service ticket and sure enuff it said 5.4V8.Anyway,the right filter was on but that was the last time I ever let anyone change my oil! [Dummy!]
A guy I work with got suckered into that engine cleaning B.S. and about 5k later he spun a crank bearing.I don't know for sure if it was the cleaning that did it but right after he had it done he noticed a slight knock , then low oil presure , then his wallet was 3,000 lighter after he had a new motor installed.In my opion, if your going to clean out an engine , do it very slowly with frequent oil changes or you run the risk of clogging something up like the oil pick up or an oil gallery.
Widman: On a serious note, and from personal experience, it is a waste of money, particularly if you regularly change your oil and filter. To the others responding, I needed the humor this evening......very very good.
Originally posted by Not the Autorx Frank: You guys have it all wrong. He needs new piston return springs. [Big Grin]
NO, NO, NO! That's why he needs it cleaned, the piston return springs are STICKING! [Wink]
Here's one of the better compilations of these wonderful parts, for those still reading... http://www.kalecoauto.com/perf.htm Exhaust filters, air filter bypass, cross-drilled brake lines, piston return springs, red headlights, etc. Widman, sorry about that. I didn't intend it to reflect on you at all. It's just that I have my doubts about the practices of most lube shops and your post caught me at a weak moment. [Cheers!]
Hold Up Yall, Yes if a car has regular 3k service engine should be quite clean. However, I personally believe thier is some truth to the Envirolution Engine Flushing Machine. What i want to do next month is remove my oil pan and snap a photo of it. Then replace it with the old gasket. At the end of the 45minute flush cycle I will have the techs remove the pan and take a 2ndary photo. That will hopefully give some idea of the mineral cleaning solutions true effectiveness. The problem is since I have always run Royal Purple (Or M1) this cycle the engine just might be pristine clean as one Mechanic predicated making this experiment a waste of money considering the dealer's $75.00/hr standard mechanical labour rate [Frown] At least it may vindicate or dispell envirolutions claims
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