Jerk Chicken

Dec 31, 2017
SE British Columbia, Canada
Does anyone make BBQ’d Jerk Chicken? I bought this pre-combined bottle of spices but I don’t know how it’s going to turn out. I have chicken marinating right now, with this spice concoction, lime juice, soy sauce, green onion, garlic, pepper, brown sugar, and some red pepper. Yeah mon!

My wife and I enjoy going to Jamaica and some of the best jerk we've had is from the street food there. Fortunately, there is a place we stop at up in NH when riding ATV's that makes all sorts of sauces, including jerk sauce. It's a close facsimile to Jamaica! It has some kick, and is what I use to make my chicken and pork when we want to reminisce. Enjoy it!
^^^^^^^I agree, every time I've had it it was to over powering but trying it a home one could control that I guess, just to many other ways I like chicken.

Let us know how it turns out.
I put in hot red papers and ran the concoction through the blender. The peppers were well dispersed for an even type of heat with no “hot spots”. Also, I used frozen skin-on thicken thighs. The fatty skin adds flavour but you can still pull the skin off for healthier eating. I’m loving this stuff.

Down here it's definitely a go-to food for us. Love Jerk Chicken and Pork with peas & rice and a little fried plantain on the side. Wash it down with a Ting soda or a Red Stripe. Ah wicked meal dat!