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Jul 10, 2003
Not Seattle, but close.
1996 Cherokee 4.0 87,500 miles No leaks, no consumption at all. I bought my pig in North Carolina, brand new. Always run Castrol 10W30. On the coast there it's HOT in the summer, and in the winters it can get pretty chilly for a while(sometimes in the 20's F). Now I'm in Seattle and I guess reading all you guys' posts about changing viscosities has me a bit paranoid. Owner's manual says 10W30 for temps donw to 0*F, so that's what I always use, and change every 3K. So, soes anybody think I should be changing to 5W30(yuck) in the winter here? Or maybe going to a less restrictive filter than the PureOne I now use? Or both? Or just shut up and drive? Thanks.
Sorry, I forgot about that. What your using is perfectly fine. I'd use Castrol GTX 10w-30 or even Pennzoil. Either one is fine. You could also run a 5w-30 in the winter but I don't think you need it in Washington state.
What's wrong with 5w-30? I ran that in my 2001 cherokee from the day I bought it new until i traded it in for my big truck. I live in colorado which I must say will have a much bigger weather tempature spread then Seattle. I would think you'd want a bit better flow on those cold wet Washington mornings there on the coast.
Western Washington low elevation coldest winter temperatures will be in the teens, and those days are rare. Winter low temps in the 30s and 40s are most common. It may feel colder with the cold, damp wind that often blows.... I've been comfortable in lighter jackets in Wyoming on a sunny winter day in the 20s than in Washington on a damp winter day in the 40s. 10W-30 will be fine in that Jeep, and 5W-30 will work as well. Ken [ August 17, 2003, 01:53 PM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
IMO: Oil: If you're happy with 10w30 Castrol, stick with it. Filter: Just avoid Fram & you'll be in good shape. Probably be OK even if you did use Fram.
Pretty much all of filters have high efficiencies. You could use the Regular purolator line for winter. Or better yet the K&N. Pretty pricy. And yea 10W-30 should be fine. IMHO [Cheers!] There's the option of 7K+ mile oil changes with the K&N filter with Mobil 1 10W-30 which will ealily go that distance and longer. I know you are not into syn but its food for thought.
As a Chrysler/Jeep master tech,I'll pitch in my .02... I would just keep using the 10w30 Castrol and whatever filter you like.I ran my wifes 1st Cherokee on 10w30 Quaker State and Fram for over 160K until it was totalled.2nd Cherokee is getting 15w40 SuperTech and ST filter.The 10w30 will be fine and I wouldn't go to a 5w30.I also do the 3k change as you.
Is there any specific reason not to use 5-30 in the 4.0 engine? I used 5-30 dino in the middle of last winter for one oil change because I park outside in the Michigan cold, and it seemed allright.
Originally posted by hrdjeepzj: Is there any specific reason not to use 5-30 in the 4.0 engine? I used 5-30 dino in the middle of last winter for one oil change because I park outside in the Michigan cold, and it seemed allright.
5w-30 would probably be desireable here in michigan, especially if you park outside and not inside a warmer garage. It gets pretty darn cold here some years - iirc, it got below 10* more than a few nights when I parked outside. My 3.0 ranger never balked at having a motorcraft filter and some mobil drive clean 5w-30 in it even in the coldest temperatures up north at my cottage (25* below 0 temps weren't out of the question at night).
For the weather conditions you will be in, a dino 10w30 like Castrol will work just fine. I change my Jeep Cherokee to 5w30 for the winter, but I am expecting to see many nights below zero, if not -20 F. So essentially - 3-4 months of the year is 5w30, 10w30 for the rest of the year. So where you are going, as others have pointed out, ain't going to be that cold - and a 10w3o will keep that motor happy for a long time.
Agree with everyone else. 10W30's the way to go unless your winters are colder. Any SL rated oil should easily be able to do more than 3000 miles, especially a 10w30 where sheardown isn't an issue. My only suggestion would be to stretch out the miles to about 4000. Do a UOA if it makes you feel better.
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