Jamie's kitchen Australia

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May 27, 2002
Canberra ACT Australia
JO has arrived. 15 Restaurant Melbourne follows 15 in London, Amsterdam, and Cornwall. Series starts Thursday night when we'll be on the bus back to Canberra after attending Jamie Oliver Live in Sydney. Missus wants an autographed version of his latest cookbook Jamie's Italy, she'll be lucky as I don't fancy getting killed in the rush.
Aout the best two and a half hours I've eveer had. Awesome show. A big surprise was this guy dressed in mafia type Italian clothes appearing on stage after the interval. Couldn't believe my eyes it was Gennaro Contaldo Jamie's mentor and owner/cheff of Passione in London. There were many teary eyes. Along with London Fifteen maager Tim Kay who sang his own composition My World commisioned for Jamie's next series and who is being chased by all the big record labels, it was one huge event. Got off the coach at home to watch the first episode of Jamie's Kitchen Australia taped by the mother-in-law earlier in the evening. Pretty tired this morning.s
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